Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro True Wireless Earbuds w/ Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Charging Case Included


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Date Added: 06/24/2021 by christopher stephens.
Does the ear buds come in the same packaging as original? Is the Samsung name on the box? Reply:yes,come with same pacakge as orignal one.have samsung logo on box...
Date Added: 04/07/2020 by Alejandro De Paulis.
Potete spedire in Italia precisamente Piemonte torino? Reply:yes,we can ship to italy still.
Date Added: 11/09/2019 by steven jones.
Not a review a question, if a phone comes with Android 11.0 is it updateable to Android 11 pie? Reply:yes,it support update to Android 11.0....
Date Added: 03/08/2019 by Jivin Thomas.
How can i ship this phone to india? Please also reply your youtube channel and instagram account. Reply:not ship to india...
Date Added: 12/12/2019 by Ashish Bartaula
can you deliver your product in NEPAL? Reply:yes,we can ship worldwide.